All Day Dining Menu


small plates and starters

Scotch egg £7.00

Soup of the day £6.00 (V) (GFO)

Shellfish cocktail £7.00 (GFO)

Goat’s cheese and walnut cheesecake £7.00 (V)(GFO)

Confit duck spring roll £7.00



Grilled sirloin steak burger £12.00

Salt baked cod £16.00

Steak and onion shortcrust pie £16.00

Braised lamb shank £14.00 (GF)

Chicken caesar salad £12.00 (GFO)

Leek and stilton tart £15.00 (V) (GFO)

Sweet potato and vegetable curry £13.00 (VG) (GFO)

Beef short rib £19.00 (GF)

Wild salmon £15.00

Plate of pork £17.00 (GF)

Pan roasted chicken supreme £15.00



Fries £3.00 (VG) (GFO)

Seasonal vegetables £3.00 (VG) (GFO)

Sticky red cabbage £3.00 (VG) (GFO)

Mixed leaf salad £3.00 (VG) (GF)

Cauliflower cheese £4.00 (V)



Belgian chocolate and hazlenut delice £7.00 (V) (GFO)

Sticky toffee pudding £6.00 (V)

Raspberry cheesecake £7.00 (V)

Chocolate orange tart £6.00 (VG) (GF)

Lincolnshire cheese board £9.00 (V) (GFO)


afternoon tea

Selection of finger sandwiches

Assiette of homemade cakes

Homemade fruit scones

Preserves and cream

Scotch egg

Lincolnshire sausage roll

Pot of tea or freshly brewed coffee

£16 per person


Sandwiches and wraps

All served with chips or fries

Club sandwich £12.00 (GF)

Fish finger sandwich £13.00

Cheese on toast £11.00 (V) (GFO)

Tandoori chicken wrap £12.00

Falafel and beetroot wrap £12.00 (VG)



served with Lincoln dips

Tomato and mozzarella £10.00 (V)

Pepperoni £13.00

Pulled pork £14.00

Roasted pepper and vegan cheese £14.00 (VG)

Goat’s cheese and red onion £14.00 (V)


hot drinks

Selection of drinks served with a home baked cookie.

Birchalls English breakfast tea

Birchalls flavoured teas (choose from Virunga earl grey, peppermint, green tea, red berry & flower or great rift)

£3 each

Flat white £3.25

Single espresso £2.50

Double espresso £3.50

Americano £3.00

Cappuccino £3.25

Latte £3.25

Mocha £3.50

Hot chocolate £3.50 (add cream and marshmallows for 50p)

add an extra shot of flavoured monin syrup for 50p


Please feel free to speak to a member of staff about food allergens and intolerances

(V) Vegetarian  (VG) Vegan  (GF) Gluten Free (O) Option